Did you get customer complaint, because of the mechanical part defect?

  • Cannot know the key mechanical part production stability in the right time.
  • Waste too much time to discover problem (even discover from customer).
  • Damage customer trust/reliability

Our quality check service can help to aware potential issue.
To know if your Manufacture is almost equal to Design of the key mechanical part.

  • Check CPK for the mechanical part right after producing out before assembly.
  • Check more data (10%, 20%, or whatever you think need to collect data to know).
  • Data Analysis to discover potential quality problem.

Category for your reference

Pogo PinConnectorWearable Device Outer CaseMechanical/ Structural PartCable / Harness
Key Dimension Accuracy
(For good matching)
Density                            (For mechanical strength)VV
Hardness                            (For surface strength)VV
Surface Roughness
(For surface smooth, abrasion resistence control)
Mating Fore / Normal Force
(For function)
Mating Cycle/ Pressing Cycle
(For Durability)
Contact Resistance        (For electricity smooth check)VVV
Temperature Rise        (For Electricity Current Charge Safety)V (If for Charge)V (If for Charge)V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (For Insulation)VV
Appearance                   (For abnormal process inconsistency)VVVV
WaterproofV (By Request)V (By Request)

Quality Assurance Equipment

IR SMT Simulation

Polishing Machine

Density Meter

CCD Image Checking Equipment

Roughness Tester



2.5D  Auto Measurement Machine

2.5D Measurement Machine

Mating-Unmating Machine

2.5D Mearsurement Machine

Water-Proof Tester

Milli Ohm Meter&Hi-Pot Tester

Temperature Rise Tester

Industrial Microscope

Depth Tester

Industrial Microscope

Quality Assurance Item

Target Prupose
Reference Global Standard
Solderabiity/DeformationIR SMT SimulationBy Customer RequestVVV
Durability Cycle,
Mating Force/Resistance
Mating-Unmating MachineBy Customer RequestVVV
DensityDensity MeterBy Customer RequestVVV
Mechanical CharacteristicHardness TesterISO 6508-1-1999VOO
Electrical CharacteristicRoughness TesterISO25178
13 0601-2001
2.5D Auto-Measurement Machine,
Micrometer, Caliper
By Customer RequestVVV
Scrach/Hit Mark
CCD Image Checking Equipment
By Customer RequestVVV
Contact ResistanceMilli Ohm MeterEIA/ECA-364-70BVVV
High Voltage WithstandingHi-Pot testerIEC StandardsVVV

Testing Report

Transcendent Lifecycle Test 10,000 Cycles

Transcendent Lifecycle Test 10,000 Cycles

Transcendent Waterproof Test Report

Transcendent Waterproof Test Report

Transcendent Automation Video

Transcendent Automation Video